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National Stage 

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Burns Sisters Band

April 29th $16 - $19

With seamless melodies and amazing vocals the Burns Sisters have shared the stage with many great folk legends, including Arlo Guthie, Tom Paxton, Pete Seeger, Odetta, Willie Nelson and even the Boston Pops.  They have played venues from Carnegie Hall to the Grand Old Opry, and from hills of Northern Thailand to the hills of Clare Ireland.  The 6-member band is:  Marie & Annie Burns, Doug Robinson, London McDaniel, Harry Aceto, David Borisoff.



National Stage 

Loren Barrigar and son LJ Barrigar
James Horan opening

April 15th $15-$18
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Internationally acclaimed guitarist Loren Barrigar will appear with his son LJ Barrigar. LJ is an up-and-coming guitarist influenced by the infectious stylings of Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins. Since Loren was last at the Music Hall, the duo has been performing shows from house concerts to theaters mainly on the east coast.


Loren started playing guitar when he was only four years old, and by the time he was six, played the Chet Atkins hit “Yackety Axe” in front of thousands of country music fans at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. He went on to study with Jimmy Atkins (Chet’s brother) which led to a touring career with his family band from Nashville to Las Vegas. Since settling down in Central New York, he has been in constant demand as a studio musician.

Loren's finely-honed songwriting skills have launched his melodies on NBC’s #1 rated show “ER”, “The Young and The Restless” and on a Christmas CD with BB King and Patti Labelle. He has performed with some of the best acoustic players in the world including Stephen Bennett, Richard Smith, John Knowles, Muriel Anderson and Loren’s friend and mentor Tommy Emmanuel, the Australian guitar sensation. He has also recorded with Multiple Grammy winner and legendary producer Lloyd Maines.

In 2010, Loren made a guest appearance at The Chet Atkins Appreciation Society {CAAS} in Nashville with his pickin' pal from New Zealand, Mark Mazengarb. His solo concerts include favorite songs from seven decades, as well as his originals all featuring exciting guitar work and memorable vocal stylings. 

James Horan is a guitarist living in Jamesville NY. Having become interested in the guitar are the age of 14. Like most guitarists at the time he was self taught when he started but later in life studied guitar with Gordon Moore, John Ferrara and Kenneth Meyer. He is now an active guitarist as a solo performer as well as a member Great Lakes Guitar Society, Guitar League, Syracuse Friends of Chamber Board Member and Great lakes Guitar Board Member. James also runs and supports a regular guitar series at the Skaneateles Library every month.

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National Stage 


Jonathan Byrd

April 15th $15-$18


National Stage 

Deeper than skin - Reggie Harris & Greg Greenway.jpg

Deeper Than The Skin
featuring Reggie Harris & Greg Greenway

Meet & Greet Reception 6:30
March 25th $16 - $19


 “Deeper Than the Skin” is an experience of singing and listening… of experiencing a connection so deep that it makes you laugh, smile, cry and reconsider what you know about our history.  It brings together a remarkable journey that started 30 years ago. 


Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway are two friends… one Black, one White… one from the North; one from the South.  Musicians, storytellers, students of history and world travelers, born 3 days apart. Two separate narratives forged into one powerful friendship aimed at finding common ground and helping others to do the same.


Oswego has a history of being a sanctuary city for Freedom Seekers— when Oswego was a stop on the Underground Railroad and for Jewish refugees during WWII.  In fact, Oswego has more known UGRR sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places than any other county in the U.S.  Oswego’s story extends beyond our borders into neighboring counties (and a neighboring country!) with roots spawned in the South.

Special Guests Tim Hotchkiss, Allie Proud, Pastors Andrew & James Hinman, Ed Elsner, Dot Willsey, Audrey Hurley, and Kelly Jordal who represent the Bristol Hill Church, Starr Clark Tin Shop Museum, Gerritt Smith Estate and gift, the UGRR Consortium of NYS and the Safe Haven Holocaust Refugee Shelter Museum.


Prior to the evening’s performance, concert goers will have an opportunity to meet and mingle with our guests representing organizations dedicated to keeping the history of our region alive.  They will be able to take with them brochures, information on future events, and purchase items for sale which support their cause. 




Guest Curator Series

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Dueling Pianos with Ashley Cox and Amanda Rogers  (Jess Novak opens)

September 10th  6 PM  $12   
(doors open at 5)


This twist on dueling pianos will trade two musicians taking requests from the crowd for two of CNY's most accomplished female singer/songwriter/pianists telling stories and stories from their souls. 

Ashley Cox,  known for her energetic and passionate performances, has won Syracuse Area Music Awards for her powerful original songs. Amanda Rogers has been called intimate, intense, and expressive as she moves between genres, but never fails to bring raw emotion to her shows. The two will join on stage for an amazing and rare show.

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Jess Novak will open the show with her own honesty delivered through the piano bench. 

This event will also serve as part of the F.I.R.E. Festival series, which spotlight women in Central New York. F.I.R.E. stands for Females Inspires, Rock, Empower. The cumulative festival will do just that when female songwriters, musicians, business owners, photographers, artists and more will all join their talents to fill Oswego Music Hall with power and talent on Sunday, October 16. 

Ashley Website:

Amanda Website:

Jess Website:

F.I.R.E. website:

Ashley Youtube:

Amanda Youtube:

Jess Youtube:

Ashley Facebook:

Amanda Facebook:

Jess Facebook:

Curator: Jess Novak

Tickets available at the door

Tickets available at the door

Guest Curator Series

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Fall Down Festival Preview

September 9th 7:30 PM   $18 at the door ($15 advanced sale at river's end bookstore)
(doors open at 7:00)

The Mustard Tigers are a high-energy bluegrass trio out of the Finger Lakes region of New York, with influences that range from Bill Monroe, JD Crow and the New South to Buck Owens and Willy Nelson. The band consists of Brian Elam on guitar, Anson Stiles on bass and Ricky Stiles on mandolin. The band prides itself on keeping the spirit of traditional bluegrass and country music alive in modern times, all while giving it a "New Grass" feel. Whether it be a traditional tune or a Mustard Tigers original, the band is sure to get you up and moving. 

Opening Band: Duffy 'n' Alliekatt

Headliner: Old Main

Fall Down Festival Preview

Fall Down Music & Arts Festival

September 15-18 at the G Lodge

The G Lodge--81 Keller Road, Hannibal, NY

Curator: Daren Gauger

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National Stage 

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Delaney Brothers Bluegrass

September 17th $16-$19

Two-time SAMMY winners, Delaney Brothers Bluegrass is one of CNY's oldest and best-loved bluegrass bands. More than just bluegrass, their music is influenced by many other acoustic traditions including country, folk, gospel and Celtic. Fans are treated to a musical experience that sets toes tapping!  The 6-member band is:  John Delaney, Jonathan Delaney, Scott Corbett, Joe Davoli, Nick Piccininni and Luke Parsnow.


Info:   website currently inactive

Guest Curator Series

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Jazz by the Lake
featuring Latin Groove Collection

April 1st  $16 - $19

The Latin Groove Connection is a core-based trio; with special guests, the group can enlarge to a sextet. The trio showcases multi-instrumentalist Barry Blumenthal (keyboards, violin, flugelhorn and harmonica), bassists Chris Colabello, and group leader percussionist David Donley. 
For this event, the guests include guitarist Drew Serafini, drummer Tom Killian, and saxophonist extraordinaire Joe Carello, making this an outstanding sextet. Latin Groove Connection Sextet will perform an evening of Latin Jazz standards from around the world. 

Curator: Dave Kaspar

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