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National Stage
Photo Gallery
“Coming to the Music Hall with it’s wooden floors, candle lit tables and view of the lake—  often lit with the glow of another stunning sunset— makes for a warm and welcoming experience, especially in the company of community who values a listening room environment.  The genre varies—  bluegrass, jazz, Celtic, world; even mime.  But the commitment to excellence is always there and the audience often “trusts” they’ll have a good time, even if they are unfamiliar with the group or type of music.” 
~ellen wahl
The Hook Series Photo Gallery

Our most exciting format, see three of the area’s best songwriters perform round-robin for an unforgettable experience.   

"Amazing format for the short attention span!" -- John McConnell

Open Mic
Photo Gallery
“Oswego Music Hall's "Open Mic Fridays" offer the best venue around for seasoned performers and novices alike with cutting edge professionally mixed sound, & lighting, and a classy historic performing hall overlooking Oswego Harbor.”   - Mark Wahl 
Guest hosted by some of the area’s most talented performers, "Open Mic Friday” draws talent of all levels from miles around. This season we are introducing songwriting contests to the series.

Oswego Music Hall

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